OMPLETION DATE            2016

SEGMENT                          Space planning, Educational, Recreation, Master planning and urban design

RESEARCH                        Architectural Concepts and Sustainable design.

RESEARCHER                   Shableet Chandra  MArch(Prof).

The structural design method and techniques used to create this architecture, through cantilevered large span complex project supporting steel structure through a multi-dimensional structural optimization process output a standard steel structure which allowed minimizing costs, maximizing the design features, reduce construction technical difficulty and most importantly to create an articulated spatial-structural relationship.

This project was part of a studio research project using a existing building and hybrid structure system with sustainable use of materials to create a modern facility for architecture and design students. The structure was steel frames due to its light weight and the ability to span when combined with smaller truss and portal section to create a geometric long span structure. The idea of bridge structural system was introduced to suspend the dead load and life load with engineered cable tensioned to create the tectonic aesthetics with structural functionality.


North –facing glazing with long east/west orientation maximizes heat gain in winter.Tinted thermal mass concrete slab provides passive solar heat in winterRoof profile maximizes solar penetration in winter building mass minimizes the impact of prevailing winter winds north roof overhang and east/west porches minimize solar penetration in summer.Low operable windows on south-west sides draw in cool air from shaded porches in summer high operable windows on the north elevation exhaust warm air from the building in summer.The solar shading on north glazing to reduce sun penetration during summer.Glazed north, east and west faces of the main space provideabundant natural daylight and connect users to the outside Windows on the south façade connect views out to outdoors and allow indecisive daylight.